The star of “Interns” in a fight broke his nose

Звезде «Интернов» в драке сломали нос

Actor Alexander Lyapina and his companion Pauline Levashkevich beat in the center of Moscow. The police are trying to figure out what happened.

The incident occurred in the center of Moscow, near one of the Nightclubs on gruzinskiy Val. Police checks on the case and trying to figure out what provoked a fight. By the way, the actor himself refuses to comment on the conflict.

“Today at 0:30 on 02 received a message from a citizen of bodily injury at: Gruzinsky Val, 28/45. Arrived at the scene, police found that between two groups of men occurred the conflict, which had suffered injuries to the woman and her companion,” he stated.

Eyewitnesses said that the 30-year-old actor and his girlfriend were attacked by seven people, the result Lyapin got a concussion and a broken nose. Suffered his companion and how serious her injury is still unknown.

However, there is another version of events. According to other publications, the fight was not at all, and if anyone is to blame for the brawl, so the Alexander Lyapina. The young man was pretty drunk and began to brawl in one of the institutions, then a guard kicked him out the door.

Network even a walking video, which shows how drunk and barefoot Lyapin dealing with the police.

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