Компания Джессики Альбы провалила экспертизу

Company for the production of cosmetics, and home products made exclusively from natural ingredients and materials, losing ground. It is connected with the scandal that has recently erupted around “The Honest Company”.

Users began to accuse the company, a co-founder is Jessica Alba, consumer fraud, saying the labeled components are not all that added to cosmetics. As a result, cosmetics is not the way I wanted, and some have not harm.

In such conversations, it was decided to conduct the examination, the results of which upset Alba.

Experts have found that many cosmetics are intentionally harmful chemical ingredients not mentioned in the composition. And what production company Hollywood Actresses simply dangerous to life and health of consumers!
Of course, such research findings can seriously hit not only reputation, but also on the wallet of the company, since now they can not get away from actions, which will serve victims.

So, for example, it is likely that the claim will follow from consumers who namesapces sunscreen from “The Honest Company” is still burned by the sun.

The Alba accusations the company denies and does not see in its actions there was no crime.


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