Филипп Киркоров боится осуждения со стороны детей

Single father of Philip Kirkorov recently with children, took part in the filming of the new photo session. Moreover, the king of the national stage she starred in a revealing programme of Julia men’shovoy “Alone with all”, where talked about their fears and emotions.

It turned out that the performer of a hit “Indigo” afraid of condemnation from their children. And fears Kirkorov not that children don’t like the way their birth. Filipp Kirkorov is afraid that the children will condemn some of his actions, where he acted not as an adult and held the man: “I live constantly with an eye on today and the fact that children will grow and read on the Internet and say, “Dad, we were little, and you behave as if you’re younger than us,” said Philip in a live talk show.

But to tell the singer to his mistake by only one person — Alla Pugacheva, who, by the way, recently called Kirkorov mistake of her life.

“He’s a child, an absolute child! – told the singer. – Fili – natural narcissism. And it is bad. Can’t help myself! Kirkorov – my biggest and spectacular error! Life didn’t love the type, and this type of behavior! I do not like about him. Here’s how! And what about my brains?”

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