Общение с лошадьми — хобби, которое стремительно набирает популярность. Как его воплотить в жизнь?

Общение с лошадьми — хобби, которое стремительно набирает популярность. Как его воплотить в жизнь?

Hobbies humans can be very different. Most popular — cooking and Pets. Pets considered-cats, dogs, birds, etc. However, there are many people who have Pets love to get would be more animal — horse or donkey.

These animals have long earned the special love of man. Perhaps because from ancient times are reliable helpers. For horses and donkeys with love and affection are both adults and children. For the children great happiness just to be around these beautiful and kind animals, and even touch, much less to ride — top dreams.

Общение с лошадьми — хобби, которое стремительно набирает популярность. Как его воплотить в жизнь?

Quite often now can be found even on the streets of big cities entrepreneurs, offering a ride, for a fee, of course, a pony, horse, donkey. And in suburban areas, rest homes, etc. it has become an indispensable travel attribute. So with a strong desire to go to the tourist base, a horse court yard and enjoy plenty of interaction with horses. Even offer horseback riding tours on the big distances. Sometimes these journeys take up to 10 days, are in abandoned places, nature reserves, natural attractions. That’s the beauty of riding trips that you can climb there, where neither foot do not go, no car to drive. Of course for the organizers of such tours, it is important to extract the profit from this event is who is going to waste your time for free.

But there are farms that offer free communion with nature in the framework of charity events. For example, one of the agricultural enterprises of the Republic of Bashkortostan specially bought a donkey to carry the children, give the children the opportunity to communicate with nature. And not only the rural. Any resident of the nearby towns and villages may come to look at the donkey and other animals present in the farm, ride your child on a donkey, the good farm is located near the capital of Bashkiria. For riding rural craftsmen produced the original cart.

Besides riding on the donkey children will be interested to see other animals kept on the farm — cows, calves, sheep, rabbits, and many others, visit a real farm, where they produce a tasty rustic milk, the word is to plunge into village life. There are the farm and horses that are used for work. Where to buy a horse anyone can.

However, for the ordinary citizen buying a horse is a responsible and serious step. It needs to contain feed, it requires a lot of attention, care, veterinary control. What do you do? After all, the balcony, the horse does not deliver. And even if you have your house outside the city, it is also completely does not solve all problems. And yet there is a solution. Many farms offer wonderful service: maintenance and care of your Pets. It’s simple.

Your horse or donkey is in a familiar environment, under the scrutiny of the grooms and veterinarians, feed her in accordance with the recommendations of the experts that make up the diet, taking care of her, walking. And you 1-2 times per week visit to your pet, ride your horse through the woods, breathe clean country air and enjoy the presence of wildlife. Children raised in such close contact with animals, be more attentive, kind, cheerful and happy, in comparison with those who does not get out of the concrete jungle. And in adults, it varies considerably in character, they begin a more positive attitude to the world around them.