Comedy Club forced the Federal tourism Agency to become better!

Comedy Club заставил Ростуризм стать лучше!
Officials listened to the resident of the project.

Eugene Bruises

Photo: Comedy Club

May 20, 2016 in the broadcast Comedy Club on TNT Eugene Bruises, giving a speech about
the official website of the Federal Agency. A resident noted that the Federal Agency for tourism
offering only two routes to choose from, and the national
calendar of events does not match the expectations of the people.

“What’s the best for me
event of the year? Probably the carnival in Rio de Janeiro and Chinese New year. What
this is the best event of the year according to the Federal tourism Agency? This international holiday
cucumber in Suzdal”,joked Bruises.

Rosturizm has responded to criticism
the comedian immediately. The head of the state tourism
projects and tourism security Svetlana Sergeeva then explained that
the website Russiatourism is the official resource for hosting information
activities of the Department in accordance with legislative requirements,
information for consumers presented at the National
the tourism portal

However, after a year of resident Comedy Club was an unexpected surprise for.
It turned out that the Federal Agency has decided to review its
Internet strategy and to develop other platforms. Now it is presented in all
the largest social networks, and the site has become more modern and comfortable. In addition,
the main page has a banner, one click directs users to
national tourism portal.

as I wrote from the Federal tourism Agency, I thought: “If the scheme works, and
criticism is perceived not to threaten me to head
Agency? Or at least get coupons for free meals at
government cafeteria? But seriously, I decided to invite
the next shooting of the representative of the Federal tourism Agency and dismantle regional
travel portals as well as offer innovations for the site
Rostourism!” — said Eugene Bruises.

Invited to the shooting Svetlana Sergeeva said that the Agency always
open to new ideas and objective criticism, especially if it is served in
a humourous and is seeking to develop domestic tourism. The audience
will be able to see the new number of Eugene Sinyakova 21 April at 21:00 on channel

Wife Sinyakov grateful for the attention he paid to tourism. Rosturizm and
Comedy Club more alike than it may seem, — said Svetlana Sergeeva.
— Our task that people had the opportunity to relax. And we change for
in order to better meet this task. Travel to Russia and see
The Comedy Club!”