Teona Dolnikova thanked the father of her child

Теона Дольникова поблагодарила отца своего ребенка
The actress believes that Maxim Shchegolev brought her back to life.

Теона Дольникова поблагодарила отца своего ребенка

Theon Dolnikova and Maxim Shchegolev

Photo: Instagram Teona Dolnikova

Birthday Maxim Shchegolev was another reason for
his beloved Teona Dolnikova to show their feelings. “In General,
yesterday you congratulated all, so I congratulate today. Baby, day
birth! Let everything goes on… Thank you for giving the opportunity again
to believe in a miracle and for our little baby, the very best on the planet.”

We will remind that in February, Theon gave birth to her first child. Yet
they Maxim, who was already married before and has three children, did not register
their relationship. But this formality did not prevent their relationship. Dolnikova
Shchegolev and look really happy, while a year ago the actress
was in a very depressed state…

Theon Dolnikova and Maxim Shchegolev for a walk with my son

Photo: Instagram Teona Dolnikova

Before meeting with Maxim Theon was engaged with Nikita
By bychenkova, the case went to the wedding, but her fiancé died. Dolnikova could not
to recover from this loss, but the care and love Shchegolev let her
to come back to life and be happy again. Now, when my son was born, Theon
and all flies on the wings.

The only thing that is sad the actress is extra weight
she gained during pregnancy. When Theon saw at the weights nearly 70 kg, she panicked. “It
a disaster, so I haven’t weighed ever in my life! But! I believe in myself! Believe
in my willpower!” The perfect product to diet in the near future
Dolnikova chose… buckwheat. In addition, a list of what you got: yogurt,
yogurt, Turkey. From sweet Theon recommends flatly refuse, but
water to drink a little more to stimulate lactation.