Combine and mix: the new swimwear collection O’STIN

Сочетай и смешивай: новая коллекция купальников O’STIN

At the beginning of the beach season, the brand introduced fashionable swimwear that you can mix with each other, creating a lot of bright variations.

Spending summer vacation can be different, but without a beach holiday just will not do, because the opportunity to plunge into the salty sea seems to us infrequently. To catch the unruly waves or enjoy the calm in the new swimwear O’STIN will be even nicer: they have the fashionable design and wide range of models. Halter, bandeau, balconette – there is no doubt that you can easily select the perfect option that will help to effectively emphasize the dignity of the figure. In addition to the usual bikini the collection includes models with unusual cut.

In the palette of colors designers O’STIN expressed a preference for traditional nautical stripes, tropical floral and relevant drawings. One of the hits of the collection is a swimsuit with a predatory print is especially popular this season. In short, a lover of bright to declare itself exactly there are plenty to choose from. However, without the classic tones this year too, it was not because black and red bikini never goes out of fashion.

The main advantage of the swimwear collection O’STIN is the ability to mix top and bottom from different models. All they are perfectly combined with each other, and sometimes even look more interesting in the new tandem. You can create a swimsuit to your taste, based on just a few models.

The line of swimwear beach accessories complement, without which the trip to the sea can not do. Wide-brimmed hats, elegant pareo, flip-flops and braided bags accentuate the feminine feel of the resort.

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