Colin Farrell checked himself into a rehabilitation clinic

Колин Фаррелл лег в реабилитационную клинику

41-year-old actor Colin Farrell made the decision to seek professional help and went to rehab.

Колин Фаррелл лег в реабилитационную клинику

The fact that Farrell has in the past had problems with alcohol and now is afraid that addiction may again make itself felt. The school, which turned actor, became an elite institution Meadows in Arizona. The cost of stay is 36 000 dollars a month, and among patients treated at the clinic include tiger woods, Elle MacPherson, Kate moss, Selena Gomez and Kevin spacey.

“Everyone knows that Colin is addicted to alcohol. He has been sober for 12 years. But last year was so tired on the set, after working on three films that began to fear that once again lose control. So he decided to take preventive measures before the case went any further. He is very well aware that he had addiction, and feels that can easily break and start drinking again. He worked hard to be sober that I decided not to aggravate the situation, and he went to the clinic,” — said the insider.

The daily schedule during the hospital stay included the following activities: yoga, Chinese tai Chi, meditation, horseback riding, and a course of acupuncture.

In 2005, Farrell was taken to rehab after the filming of the movie “Miami Vice. Vice” because of problems with alcohol and drugs. “When the shooting ended, everyone went to the party, and I was immersed in the plane and went straight to treatment. Interestingly, then I couldn’t remember how we shot some scenes in the film. In the same way as I do not remember anything about how premiere. Although he was there,” — said the actor in an interview 2013.

“I was addicted since childhood. And this is no joke. In 7 years I have had semi-annual dependence on chocolate bars, then candy, then tuna — from everything that made me feel better,” said the actor. Colin also admitted that after treatment of alcohol and drug dependence in 2005, his sex life was just awful. “I made love with a woman when I was sober for about 2.5 years — open up Colin. And it was one of the most nightmarish moments of my life. It was the evening. Windows and curtains were open. It was nice, not just mindless sex. She was very gentle. But it was horrible. Because I used to do it drunk in dark rooms and clubs and toilets and other similar places.”