What name will give the second daughter Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian?

Какое имя дадут второй дочери Дуэйн Джонсон и Лорен Хашиан?

Soon will be born the second daughter of Duane Johnson and his girlfriend Lauren Hashian. As she admitted in an interview with reporters, the Rolling Stones, they’ve come up with the name baby.

Какое имя дадут второй дочери Дуэйн Джонсон и Лорен Хашиан?

According to Hasian, they are thinking about the name TIA. She noted that the name of the Polynesian and feels that it is great for their future daughter.

Said pair of field of the future child using a photo on instagram, which depicted their daughter Jasmine. “Our Jasmine Leah wants to make an important announcement: we’re having a girl. My beloved Lauren Hashian and I am infinitely grateful for this happiness. In the spring we will become parents for the second time. And besides, Jasmine is very happy that there will be a big sister and will be able to protect the baby,” writes under the photo of the actor.

Recall that with his girlfriend Lauren Hashian found Johnson for nine years, and daughter Jasmine she bore for him two years ago. From a previous marriage to Danny Garcia, the actor has a 16-year-old daughter Simone, who works as a model in a modeling Agency IMG Models. She has appeared with his star father at events. Himself “the Rock” insanely happy that he is surrounded by daughters. “I am surrounded by beautiful (and merciless) hormones of happiness, and other ways I was not. Am very grateful to my girls, Simon and Jasmine, because they always give me incredible hope. I love you, you I this to life,” the actor wrote.

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