Clint Eastwood was determined from the plot of the next film

Клинт Иствуд определился с сюжетом следующего фильма

Clint Eastwood has long established itself not only as a talented actor, but also as a great Director.

It was under the guidance of Eastwood has created such films as “Changeling,” “American sniper” and “miracle on the Hudson”.

Making for yourself a little break, Clint is ready to get to work and have already decided on the story that will run soon.

Eastwood became interested in the history of the Somali military captive Jessica Buchanan.

The woman was a member of the humanitarian mission, operating in Somalia. In October 2011, her camp was attacked by Somali military. They captured Jessica and her Danish colleague. The ransom that was demanded by the criminals, reached $ 45 million.

She spent 93 days in prison, after which together with other prisoners were freed by special forces.

History Butene formed the basis of her book entitled “Insurmountable difficulties”.

The author of the screenplay for the upcoming film named winner of the “Oscar” Brian Helgeland. The Director, as already noted, — Eastwood.

No date yet specified.

Recall, the most recent premiere of Clint Eastwood on the big screen was the film about the heroism of pilot Chesley of Callenberg “miracle on the Hudson”. In world hire the film, where the main role played by Tom Hanks, has collected $ 160 million.