Andrey Malakhov has hinted at the disease of Mikhail Zadornov

Андрей Малахов намекнул на болезнь Михаила Задорнова

Recently it became known that the popular Russian satirist, humorist Michael Zadornov has cancelled a tour of the Far East and went for treatment in Riga. What happened to him and what disease was diagnosed with Zadornov, the artist himself admitted, although most of his fans agree that we are talking about Oncology. This is indirectly confirmed by the all-knowing Andrei Malakhov, who has hinted at a serious illness of Mikhail in the third part of the talk show “Tonight”.

In the Studio there was a girl guest of the programme – which for a long time struggling with cancer. Summing up the conversation, the presenter wished good health to all who are now being treated for cancer, mentioning the Valentin Yudashkin and Mikhail Zadornov.
“Those who are bad today — let everything be good. Mikhail Zadornov, Valentin Yudashkin — let everything be well” — said Andrei Malakhov and added that no matter what happens, hope for the best must always remain.
Just talked to Michael when I commented on the news of his illness. Zadornov warned journalists that reveal the diagnosis not going and asked him not to pester his family, and so he did not really told.