Клинт Иствуд поддержал Дональда Трампа

While the army of the opponents of the odious politician Donald trump is growing by leaps and bounds, someone still takes his side. For example, Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood, who in his last interview with Esquaire criticized modern political correctness that hinder to normal internal and foreign policy of the United States of America.

Statements of Donald trump regarding immigrants sparked heated debate, not ceasing until now, however, the star of westerns justifies the sharp-tongued candidate for the post of President of the United States.
“Donald trump said a lot of stupid things, but the press immediately called him a racist. I believe that we should forget about what he said. We now live in the most thankless time of history, reminiscent of walking on eggshells. For freedom of expression, we are ready to brand anyone a racist. In my time is not called a racist,” said Clint.
Eastwood believes that trump are free to interpret as it sees fit, if this actor does not support his program, although ready to vote for him to spite Hillary Clinton, has declared that will develop the policy of the current President Barack Obama. The last policy is not like Eastwood, and he thinks that Donald will be an excellent President.
By the way, the potential first lady Melania trump has managed to speak out in defense of the faithful, claiming that Donald is “not Hitler” and “do not persecute people for religious beliefs”.

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