Бывший сайентолог рассказала, как она проходила кастинг на роль девушки Тома Круза

The most famous follower of the religion of Scientology in Hollywood is Tom cruise. Faith actor might, according to his own feel him in anything helps, but a family certainly does not help. It is known that Scientology was the cause of the dissolution of the marriage, cruise’s and Nicole Kidman and then Katie Holmes. it is because of his immersion in the study of the intricacies of Scientology Tom missed the moment when was at the death of a person who replaced his father. For more than two years, Cruz doesn’t even see his daughter, secular observers believe that this is also because of religion.

As we have seen, Scientology has shaped every aspect of life cruise and deprived him of his right of choice. In particular, this concerns the choice of life partner.

In the press leaked the information that to become a girlfriend and potential wife star fighters must pass a real audition. Moreover, this process is not easy.

How this happens was told by the girl that had this experience.

“I didn’t know what to be listening, I was filmed and asked: “Where are you from? What level are you (in Scientology, parishioners are assigned to certain levels depending on the degree of involvement)? How about Tom cruise?”. I thought I was going through selection for some training, so quietly admitted that I can’t stand cruise and think it selfish child,” said the former follower of Scientology Katie Schenkelberg held a casting for the role of girl Tom cruise not knowing about it.

“When I walked out of the room, in the hallway there were actress. She asked me how the audition went. I don’t understand the question and asked her to explain what she told me literally the following: “Well, it’s audition for the role of girls of Tom cruise”. Then I told her I was hardly casting”,— summed up Schenkelberg his story.


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