Чистая сила: как Лолита, Агурбаш и Волочкова спасаются от порчи и сглаза “StarHit” than owe him the stars. The shaman has helped many celebrities to achieve financial prosperity and to get rid of the curse. Representatives of show business are willing to resort to clairvoyants, psychics and sorcerers.

      Чистая сила: как Лолита, Агурбаш и Волочкова спасаются от порчи и сглаза

      Curse, curse and hex – everyone wants such misfortunes avoided it. And celebrity is no exception, because they are constantly in sight, and they more often than others, have to deal with human jealousy and malice. The expert of the show “the invisible Man” on TV-3) Cousteau knows how to protect people from evil influences, and shaman for many years engaged in the manufacture of talismans.

      Of) said “StarHit” than he is obliged Katya LEL and how he helped Gennady Malakhov to overcome children’s fear.

      The subject of the power

      The first “star” customer,) is the singer Angelica Agurbash – she turned to the mage 7 years ago. “We met in a recording Studio, near the metro station “Ulitsa 1905 goda,” says Cousteau. Yeah, yeah, Angelica shared her anxieties. She had to get the album “Love! Love? Love…” she really wanted it sold well. I took a CD with songs that later were going to replicate, and carried with him an ancient ritual to attract good luck in the trade. Within a few minutes of whispered special words about success, and it worked. A few months later we crossed paths with Angelica on a social event: it is said that the conspiracy had an effect, the discs were scattered thousands of copies”.

      The shaman recognizes that not only Angelica owe him improve the financial situation. Angelica sold jewelry for children

      “Singer Katya LEL asked me a year ago,” says the magician. – Said that in her lifetime a lull, it is experiencing a fading interest in the person. We took her five-thousandth bill, I recited the mantra to attract financial gain. After that Katya a few weeks wore the bill in the wallet – and it worked: on October 17 last year, Kate gave a solo concert “Let them say” in a large hall “Crocus city Hall”.
      Чистая сила: как Лолита, Агурбаш и Волочкова спасаются от порчи и сглаза

      ,) Believes that to appoint a “fee” for their services correctly, people will have to evaluate his work. “As a rule, for the initial reception thanking me for some pleasant trifle – chocolate, chocolate,” says the shaman. – When the amulet, which I do work, usually presented with a gift.”

      According to the healer, the actors mostly give tickets to their concerts and performances. “And one businesswoman once presented a ticket for a month in a five star hotel in Mexico, Cousteau confessed. I made her an amulet for financial success, and she thanked me when things in her chain of clothing stores went up the hill”.

      Among the clients Cousteau – actress Galina the purpose, which is for the services of a psychic gave him a bottle of expensive perfume Killian. “Three years ago I cured her fear of flying, giving a stone the size of a large bean, I brought from Buddha temple in Thailand. It is designed to protect travelers on the road from accidents – now Galina will not part with it. After a couple of months she lost her fear, at the meeting, she said: “Now I feel in heaven better than on earth, because there are a number of angels…”).

      Three years ago, fate brought him together with Gennady Malakhov and angelina Vovk – Cousteau was the expert of the program “how are you!”.

      “Once Gennady Petrovich has shared that in his childhood he had to endure severe trauma,” says). – The fear from it still does not allow him to live a normal life and quite unnerving. I decided to help a colleague, making him the so-called subject of power – artifact. I took the figurine of Ganesha, loaded her positive energy, reading the plot, and gave it to Malakhov. Angelina in the house, too, is a means of protection from evil spirits. I gave her a talisman for harmony and comfort in the apartment – a small bell that wolf hung above the front door.”


      Чистая сила: как Лолита, Агурбаш и Волочкова спасаются от порчи и сглаза

      Cousteau admits that he possesses the skills of removal of damage. “Recently the guest of the program “invisible Man” was Margarita Suhankina – says shaman. – The singer has told that feels the curse, associated with the collapse of the group “Mirage”. She was sure that anyone around much jealous of her puts a spoke in the wheel and regularly brings damage. I decided that it is best in this situation will help the amulet of the wax candle because beeswax has the ability to cleanse the aura. I took two candles and spun them together, reciting: “How soon will burn a flame, will soon leave the fears and evil from your life”. Margaret took the amulet home and the first night burned it.”

      The expert notes that also helped lolita to resolve the issue in the HOA, with whom she was sued four years. Lolita: “I’ll go out naked with a placard: down with the HOA! Already beginning to lose weight”!

      “Lolita came to the channel asking for assistance”). – I thought about it and came to the conclusion that the best defense in this situation will be the horse that will direct her on the path of victory. My friends wizard manually performed for the singer a figure of a horse without eyes. When doing the ritual the doll, she should not be facial features that the amulet did not show his will, – it have shamans. Above the figure a height of 40 cm I read a special mantra and presented it to the star. Know that the amulet took pride of place in the living room Lolita. Horses have the ability to find the right way, so anyone looking for justice, I make it such charms”.

      Cousteau admits that sometimes for the welfare of the clients he has to part with its own charms. “Recently we on the program came ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, says MAG. – She saw on my Desk a figurine of a spirit. Asked what it’s for. I said that it is an ancient totem for family harmony and personal happiness. Volochkova literally clung to him and said, “Until you I will not give it to her right now!” I had, of course, to part with the artifact…”

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