Шиннейд О'Коннор объявлена в розыск Chicago police are looking for a singer. She does not communicate with loved ones after he threatened to commit suicide. According to relatives Sinead from Ireland, the star is in a state of depression and thinks of suicide.

      Шиннейд О'Коннор объявлена в розыск

      Irish singer Sinead O’connor disappeared again. Chicago police announced the woman wanted. It became known that in a recent telephone conversation with relatives of the star he was talking about suicide. Relatives of the singer from Ireland reported first to law enforcement agencies of its country, and then the search Sinead was obtained with the Chicago police Department, where he last seen the performer.

      In may, US law enforcement agencies already engaged in the search of stars. 49-year-old O’connor has not returned home from Cycling. Prior to that, she wrote on the social network a strange message, which complained about the emotional trauma she’s suffering for many years.

      “You could just say that I am crazy and lying to everyone. Your understanding of what was happening to me, it is a wild, medieval. I intend each of you to bring to the court for the fact that you constantly bring me to the desire to commit suicide. Have you ever asked yourself, what would it mean for my sons so the pressure on me will not lose if they mother? I had to run here to America to try all over again, leaving everyone I know” — the words of the left star on the page.

      Police later found the woman in one of the city hotels. O’connor was examined by doctors, who said her condition is stable, but prescribed antidepressants.

      By the way, Sinead is not the first time thinks about suicide. In November 2015, it said Network that took a massive dose of pills to kill himself. “This is the only way to make them respect me again. I’m not at home, and in one of the hotels in Ireland under an assumed name,” wrote the singer. Later she was found in safe and stable condition, and then sent for treatment.

      Recall that Sinead O’connor stirred the world of music, releasing the first CD The Lion and The Cobra (1987). Then he called one of the best works of the year. The second album of the singer I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got (1990) Sinead brought worldwide fame.

      In the late 1990-ies from O’connor deteriorated mental state. In my birthday in 1999, the star tried to commit suicide. In 2003, she stated that ends his musical career and is going to teach in the religious school.

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