Алексей Воробьев подарит незнакомке кольцо из финала «Холостяка» In the final episode of the fourth season of the show the two winners, Ian and Natalia Anosova Gorozhanov, left without an offer of marriage, which each of them wanted to hear from the lips of the artist. The ring is not inherited by girls will be the main prize in the original competition channel.

      Алексей Воробьев подарит незнакомке кольцо из финала «Холостяка»

      The fourth season of the show “the Bachelor” ended very unexpectedly for fans of the TV show. Singer and actor Alexei Vorobyov unable to choose a bride, as it is not felt love from the show’s finalists Yana Anosov and Natalia Gorohovoj. In Vorobiev’s opinion, feelings should be mutual, and neither one of the girls told him she loved him.

      Why Alexei Vorobyov did not choose on the Bachelor

      “For me it was very serious, and I knew that if I will be offered one of the girls the ring, it will not be just an affair for several months with the separation and explanation in the style of “we’re not right for each other.” The ring will be a decision for life, because I was brought up, and I want to believe that every word and every promise must be fulfilled to the end, no matter what obstacles and challenges. But life is complicated, and sometimes very hard, so no vanilla romance in the moment of choice and making major decisions for life for me simply can not be”, – explained the decision of Alex.
      Алексей Воробьев подарит незнакомке кольцо из финала «Холостяка»

      Throughout the shooting process, sparrows are not shy about their feelings, in the end of the show he didn’t hide the tears. According to the artist, he too believed that the project will develop and he’ll meet his mate. Alex was angry with myself, as idealized people who were around him on the project. Finalists and wished him happiness in the end.

      “I do not regret. I just believed that, despite all that has been said, if we feel something, we will be together and the feelings between us are stronger than any words,” he admitted in an interview Alex.

      The organizers of the acclaimed project decided to hold a contest, the main prize in which will be the ring that was meant for one of the finalists. The future owner of this jewelry are invited to join the group of Valtera jewellery company in social networks, and then on the page tell a story of love that changed her life. Probably among fans of “the Bachelor,” there are a lot of those who expects to receive the ring, which for three months dreamed of participating in the project.

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