Кристина Орбакайте не боится набрать вес A few days ago, popular singer went together with her husband Mikhail Zemtsov and daughter Claudia to travel around the United States. On vacation Christina Aguilera in anything does not deny and tries to high-calorie meals.

      Кристина Орбакайте не боится набрать вес

      Popular pop singer Kristina Orbakaite with her husband Mikhail and her daughter Claudia are traveling to the USA. Last week, the star family went to new York, where he appreciated the beauty of the local sunsets, and now they conquer Los Angeles.

      Journey to America is hard to imagine without tasting traditional dishes. Christine and Michael went to one of the restaurants of Los Angeles, known for its pastries. The wife ordered a Breakfast pancake, which in the US usually served with various kinds of sauces and jams.

      Aguilera shared a photo of the dish in his microblog. “Ordered for Breakfast portion pancakes. Small plate”, signed frame the singer. In the picture in front of Christina and Michael is slide thick and hearty pancakes. On the rest the star prefers in what does not refuse, so enjoy this nutritious dish and is not afraid to get better.

      Кристина Орбакайте не боится набрать вес

      Fans of the singer said that the couple look very relaxed and natural. “Very beautiful and positive!”, “You’re such a cutie!”, “What are you cool” – such comments have been left followers of the microblog.

      In the framework of the cultural program of the family Aguilera visited the Norton Simon Museum, located in one of the suburbs of Los Angeles. It contains paintings by such iconic painters as van Gogh, Rembrandt and Raphael. Christina chose comfortable shoes and loose shirt to avoid all the galleries.

      Orbakajte with her husband took a car to get around as many cities in the United States. Daughter of Claudius travels with them, discovering new interesting places. Heiress to the singer, it was not the first visit to America. Claudia was in Disneyland for his fourth birthday in March of this year.

      Aguilera admitted that she likes to travel with Michael as he is a highly organized person. Christina Aguilera: “my Husband makes compliments in the most unexpected moment”

      “We practically live in airplanes. Therefore, any flights well tolerated, with understanding, with awareness of their necessity. In the air I try to spend time with the maximum benefit usually sleep or play a movie – it is not always possible to follow the novelties and go to the movies. While flying in the States, I watched a documentary about Amy Winehouse – cool shot. Sometimes Mike tells me which hotel is better to choose a country, what flight, easier to fly, with time to relax before the concert, and his knowledge of several languages helps during the tour abroad,” said the husband of Kristina.

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