Clairvoyant Mironov responded to accusations of involvement in the death Novoselova

Ясновидящая Миронова ответила на обвинения в причастности к гибели Новоселовой A psychic claims that has nothing to do with the death of Ilona Novoselova. Witch Nada Malysheva said that Daria would want the death of the opponent. “StarHit” tried to understand the situation and contacted the woman.

The finalist of “the battle of psychics” Ilona Novoselova died June 13. According to some information, the witch fell from the sixth floor window. As reported, this happened after her quarrel with her lover, Artem * the AUD / USD. Last love lost witch Ilona Novoselova

Many experts on clairvoyance and black magic trying to understand why such a tragedy happened to Ilona. Some colleagues Novoselova claim to have foreseen such circumstances.

In the Internet appeared the video with the hagraven Yield Malysheva, who claims that the other party to one of the seasons of “Battle of the psychics” Daria Mironova may be involved in the care of life Ilona Novoselova. According to the woman, the woman had cast a strong spell. “StarHit” got in touch with Daria to clarify the situation. It turned out that the clairvoyant was not intimately familiar with the broken girl.

“I didn’t personally know Ilona Novosyolov. The ravings of a madman. It is not necessary to inflate scandal on an empty place. I know her nodding at the shoot, and we even personally communicated never. No competition I have Novoselova was not. We don’t even intersect. Someone wants to be promoted on my behalf. I’ll sue you for libel. There is this article. In this situation, I have every right,” said Daria in an interview with “StarHit”.

We will remind, last week in the Network appeared a lot of conflicting information about the identity of Ilona Novoselova. The media reported that her body was cremated. According to some, it wanted a witch herself after his death. Relatives of the witches does not comment on these rumors. Media report about the cremation of the body of Ilona Novoselova

Many colleagues of the former participants of “Battle of psychics” have left posts on social networks that remembered Ilona.

“You were one of the strongest, and you will be sorely missed. I learned in due time, learned the most worthy of the black witch. You could be different, but always remained true…Ilonka, we are always going to love, and forget yourself you will not allow us. Let the transition will be easy, and our energies will help you in this new stage,” – wrote on his page Alexander Sheps, who participated together with Ilona in the program “Psychics lead the investigation”.