The death of the heroine “Let them talk” during the operation shocked the public

Смерть героини «Пусть говорят» во время операции потрясла общественность 17-year-old Katya Badaeva died during the medical intervention, which she was offered after the broadcast of the popular TV show. Doctors, who operated on the girl, said that her death was the result of an accident.
Смерть героини «Пусть говорят» во время операции потрясла общественность

On Tuesday, June 13, in the Metropolitan private hospital on Michurinsk the prospectus the tragedy occurred. During plastic surgery suddenly ended the life of 17-year-old Katy Bagaevoy from the Rostov region. Mother, upon learning that the girl has a rare disease – syndrome Goldenhar – abandoned it is still in the hospital. The woman was shocked by the appearance of the heiress. “My daughter the dog’s face, and I don’t need it”, said Hope.

Life of Katya, who lived in the orphanage and forced to look at the world with one eye, wanted to return to his family. Because of their unusual faces it from birth suffered the taunts of others. In April last year she became one of the heroines of the program “Let them talk”, after which she was offered the help of plastic surgery. Medical intervention has become Bagaevoy only hope to return to the family. Katie’s mother said, taking the teenager home, if her appearance will change.

The girl enthusiastically reacted to the proposal of the famous surgeon Andrei Ishchenko. She wanted to reunite with his mother.

“Kate is ashamed of his appearance, and Moscow doctors brought appearance in order. This was the final stage of operations, Kate was very happy. She went to Moscow at 5am on 28 may. Had to come back at the end of June”, – said the Deputy Director of school on educational work Tatyana Samorodova.
Смерть героини «Пусть говорят» во время операции потрясла общественность

In turn, editor of “Let them talk” Elena Nekrasov noted that the results of the operation were visible to the naked eye. “During each visit to Moscow, it was accompanied by an employee of the school. We were always on call,” says an employee of the program.

However, during surgery, the unexpected happened. No survey has helped to identify Bagaevoy deformation of the internal organs, of which the tragedy occurred. Katie’s heart stopped on the operating table. A teenage girl has gone through multiple surgeries, and the last one was fatal.

The death of Bagaevoy shocked the public. Medical professionals who did the operation, they began to blame the tragic incident. On the death of Kathy opened a criminal case. The doctors themselves deny that an error occurred.

“Two and a half hours we spent resuscitation. Unfortunately, due to congenital anomalies of the internal organs, which could not be detected even with detailed examination, the body has behaved unpredictably. The fault of doctors in it was not – it showed the preliminary autopsy,” – said the representatives of the clinic.
Смерть героини «Пусть говорят» во время операции потрясла общественность

A plastic surgeon who volunteered to help Kate, deeply saddened by the incident. According to colleagues of Andrei Ishchenko, in the entire history of such operations for he had not one accident. “It is incredibly difficult to overcome this loss. He really wanted the girl became, finally, loved and cherished in her life were no jeers of the villagers,” they say in a medical facility.

According to the employee of the First channel Natalia Galkovich, the program will assume the cost of transporting the body of the deceased to a small home. “We were brought to Moscow and were taken back at his own expense, followed her health. Operations did not quack, but a respected physician with the regalia. We had planned to remove the meet the mother and our heroine with a new face. She passed the examination, it was just an accident,” – said the woman.

Reporters also contacted the mother of the deceased. The woman said that she had no complaints about the doctors who operated on her daughter.

“The child will not return, and that’s all. So much God gave. So God was called by many,” said parent Katie Hope.
Смерть героини «Пусть говорят» во время операции потрясла общественность

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