Civil wife shocked Vladimir Steklov, reporting of pregnancy

Гражданская жена шокировала Владимира Стеклова, сообщив о беременности The actor became the hero of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. A few months ago Steklov stunned the whole country in the 70 years he again became a father. The artist was born the third daughter Arina.
Гражданская жена шокировала Владимира Стеклова, сообщив о беременности

Vladimir Steklov was married three times. In the first marriage he was born in 1973 the daughter of Agrippina. The woman already has their adult children, Daniel and Mary. The actor admitted that his grandson will soon be a dad, and he is a great grandfather.

The second time glass had married the heiress of the famous Director Mark Zakharov Alexander. The Union of actors was short-lived. As admitted, Vladimir’s first wife decided to leave, and he categorically did not want. According to the actor, he suffered a hard breakup.

“I didn’t ask her. It was clear that it resolved the issue. And that there are any arguments, they will not matter. I told her not to do it, not just say, I’m very emotionally asked,” explained the actor.

Third wife Steklov became a dentist Olga. She gave him another daughter, glaphyra in 1997. Today the successor of the actor is a student at MSU and plans to build a TV career. Vladimir admitted that he became a second time father at age 40, many accepted his grandfather, which greatly hurt the pride.

“When Glashka was born, I went to walk with her, and the neighbors said: “This is your granddaughter was born?!”. I thought, “my God, how do I raise her so she doesn’t shy dad!” – confessed the actor.
Гражданская жена шокировала Владимира Стеклова, сообщив о беременности

In January 2018 Steklov informed the public and reporters that he had left my mother Glafira three years ago. Now the actor is in a relationship with the civil wife Irina, she is under the age of Vladimir Alexandrovich for 33 years. In February, the woman gave birth to the third heir artist Arina. Glass admitted that for him the pregnant lady was a shock, she warned him a positive pregnancy test, he noticed by chance.

“First, of course, shock. And how? The women are treated, and let us make known. We are adults… Why is it always one-sided? It’s… When you come there from work, a piece of paper on the table. And this is the pregnancy test” said Steklov.

Despite the surprise, the artist didn’t leave Irina. According to his confession, the birth of the third daughter brought him a lot of happiness and positive emotions. Senior heiress happily adopted little sister.

“I believed in the time machine! I moved again to the past! It is wonderful there! A distinctive difference to what was before. I always want to be in the family, there. We finally all met up together at the baptism Arina. Our entire extended family has arrived!” – shared Steklov.