Agata muceniece mourns dead grandmother

Агата Муцениеце оплакивает умершую бабушку The actress spoke about the demise of a relative. Agata muceniece said that the cousin will always remain in her heart. Fans rushed to support their favorite artist, especially now that her family is not the easiest period.
Агата Муцениеце оплакивает умершую бабушку

Actress Agatha muceniece told fans about the terrible loss that happened in her family. As it turned out, the artist lost his beloved grandmother. Star of the TV series “Closed school” did not specify at what age a woman. Agata believes that the woman was lucky – she was able to see his great-grandchildren, Timothy and MIA. Muceniece said that her grandma always was afraid of death. The artist had considered it unnecessary to discuss the reasons for the departure from life at such a difficult time.

“Darling! The best! The light you saw so much. Your life was incredible, from the village of Bykhov, to Leningrad and Riga. You always sang and danced. You were always afraid of death, and left easily. You and grandpa have probably already met, held hands and went to the rainbow! You are forever in our hearts and memory. How glad I am, dear grandma, what did you see their great-grandchildren. Your stories about the war will remember the rest of our class! Your meals were always delicious. I love you! Shine on us from above” – these are words picked up Agatha to tell about my grandmother.
Агата Муцениеце оплакивает умершую бабушку

Fans supported the actress and expressed his condolences. Many were glad that grandma left such a bright trace in the life of the artist. “Agatha, please accept my condolences! Strength, patience to your family”, “Land down your maw. She will be a guardian angel to you and your family. Sorry For Your Loss”, “Hold On, Agatha! She’s happy and calm, they also protect us! Think about it. Rest in peace,” wrote a follower.

Now Agata muceniece experiencing is not the calm period. She told me that she and her husband Paul Priluchny had some problems in the relationship. The artists did not consider it necessary to hide this fact from fans, so as not to cause unnecessary gossip. But even then, actors were accused that they allegedly deliberately started the rumor about the alleged divorce, in order to attract the attention of a large number of people. Agatha hastened to dramatically cut such speculation, and warned that it will never seek popularity due to the inventions around his family. And muceniece priluchny: infidelity, jealousy and fragile peace