Синди Кроуфорд о дочери, хейтерах и обнаженных фото

53-year-old Cindy Crawford graced the cover of PorterEdit and gave an interview, telling about his youth, popularity daughter and responded to the haters!

Синди Кроуфорд о дочери, хейтерах и обнаженных фото

Career Cindy had a lot of Nude photo shoots, which super-model is not regret. “In looking back on your old pictures for Playboy, I think: why I did not go naked?” — laughs Cindy.

Crawford understands that her body is not as fine and fit as in his younger years. She understands that with age getting older, but enjoying every moment and very good care of yourself. “Now I don’t look like that, looked like 20, 30 or 40 years. However, I take care of myself and my body. No, I’m not frolic on the beach in a bikini while in his youth, but still want to be beautiful for her husband and not be ashamed to stand before him naked,” says Crawford.

Now in the footsteps of Cindy is 17-year-old daughter Kaia. A young girl is already famous model, who walks the runways at the shows of famous houses. But many are not enthusiastic about the popularity of the daughter of Cindy and blame her that she came to the fashion industry only because of his mother. However, Crawford doesn’t think so. “Of course, Kaya had a slight advantage, because everyone knows that she is my daughter. However, the conversations that I had bought her the shoot for the cover in either edition, is simply absurd. If I wanted to by shooting, you probably would have bought it myself,” said Cindy.

Синди Кроуфорд о дочери, хейтерах и обнаженных фото
In the direction of the Crawford children very often flying insults and nasty messages online. Faced with this everyone, but Cindy reacts to it calmly. But if the messages are devoted to her children, the model can flare up. “I can hardly believe that people can be so hateful. When I read bad things on the page, react quite calmly. But when insults fly at my children, I begin to boil”, — said the model.

The journalist asked a super-model as it relates to changes in the fashion industry? She said that she is very excited! Now the models of different skin colors and physical features also popular as the others.

Their children Cindy loves. She listens to the advice of his daughter and will never let anyone hurt her. For example, for top models of instagram has become a novelty. Cindy admits that asks for tips for using instagram from my daughter.

“I always listen to her opinion about the photos in Instagram. Remember, in the beginning a son and a daughter made me remark, “Mom, you’re using too many hashtag”. It was the only time I really felt them a critical look. All this, of course, ridiculous because the conversation is with a completely different audience. I do not know the meaning of some photo captions daughter in Instagram. Kaya says to me, “Oh, mother, forget it.” However, she has more followers than me, so she is doing everything right. So I ask her opinion, and she, most remarkable of all, is interested in my” — said Cindy.

However, the model profiles can be called almost equally successful. Cindy 3.2 million followers, and Kaya 3.5 million.

Recall that the problem of aging is acute in the life of Crawford. Despite the fact that even without a ton of make-up, model Cindy Crawford in the 52 looks like she is 25 years, recognized the problems of ageing. Recall that the famous model gave an interview with The Cut and told of the “virtues” of the entry into old age and given a few beauty secrets.

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