Кит Флинт покончил с собой: стала известна причина

On 4 March it became known that singer of the legendary group Prodigy, committed suicide. The actor was found dead at his home in Essex. He was 49 years old. Today appeared information about the possible cause of the breakup. It lies in the personal relations of the artist.

Кит Флинт покончил с собой: стала известна причина

Just a few days before the death of lead singer of Prodigy put his beloved home in County of Essex on sale. In a desperate move forced to go, his separation from the beloved model and DJ from Japan Mayumi Kai. The Sun reports that, perhaps it is the parting with his wife was the cause of the suicide.

Flint has long struggled with narcotic and alcoholic dependence. To cope with illnesses helped his wife, who supported and guided on the right path. After parting with your favorite artist fell into a prolonged depression and, possibly, returned to drugs.

Yesterday morning, when he discovered the body of a musician, Mayumi was in Japan. Flint just a few weeks ago returned from a tour of Australia, so in recent months they are rarely seen.

Friends of the actor say he was in excellent physical shape, regularly worked with a personal trainer and even ran marathons. At the weekend, he was in the race for five kilometers Chelmsford Central Parkrun, where I set a personal record.

Keith and Mayumi were married in 2006. “We had been touring and she just walked into the room in which we were, you know, I was just speechless, I was amazed,” the artist told about his first meeting with his future wife.

A couple of really stick, you’ve got a few dogs, loved to ride horses and travel through Europe. To have kids the couple wasn’t going. The couple was madly in love with animals. “We love picnics, make sandwiches and go to the forest. My wife loves the house, dogs, and animals that surround us, deer and foxes that come and burying my head in the fence”.

Your favorite house artist sold recently and tried to get rid of the other property — the pub, which was run for some time. However, the transaction for which the artist would have received 600 thousand dollars, did not take place. Wife after the divorce, got possession of half the property acquired together during the marriage.

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