Ciara showed engagement ring

Сиара продемонстрировала помолвочное кольцо

Romantic engagement Ciara and Russell Wilson in the Seychelles took place last weekend. The bride and groom returned to Los Angeles to habitual life. Here the singer and got into the lenses of the paparazzi together with her son and her charming decoration.

Сиара продемонстрировала помолвочное кольцо


Сиара продемонстрировала помолвочное кольцо
Insiders claimed that Russell thought through their engagement to the last detail. Romantic dinner, walk at sunset and offer hands and hearts in the rays of the setting sun have left and a tiny chance doubt singer has agreed to become the wife of Russell. Rumor has it that price’s engagement ring, “pebble” which is 15 carats, exceeds two million dollars.

And Ciara is not going to hide its beauty, and proudly bears witness to the love of her fiance. The singer was spotted in California with her young son in her arms. It seemed that the ring on her ring finger is so heavy that will fly with hands.



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