Нюша раскрыла истинную причину расставания с Егором Кридом The singer told his version of the breakup with the musician. After Egor creed sang a song Nyusha, attributing another verse, between them, a conflict broke out. Representatives of the actress accused the young singer of copyright infringement and that it exposed their personal lives.

      Нюша раскрыла истинную причину расставания с Егором Кридом
      Нюша раскрыла истинную причину расставания с Егором Кридом

      Not so long ago between two young performers, singer Nyusha and Egor Creed, broke out real conflict. It happened after the idol of teenage girls sang popular hits of his colleagues on the stage “Only”. And all anything, but Egor has decided to bring in an original composition changes and attributed the extra verse to the song. This seemingly innocuous move has provoked resentment among NYSE and its representatives at once on two facts – the creed not only violated the copyright of the song, but declassified details of the relationship with the artist. Recall that “StarHit” first wrote about that some time ago the idols of modern teenagers tied a romantic relationship. And while he told his version of the incident, I kept quiet and did not comment on what is happening. After high-profile accusations in her address, she rushed to refute his words and tell what was the real cause of their rupture.

      “We have a lot of things differently perceived. We have a different worldview. And at some point our vision for the future ceased to coincide,” explained lady Gaga.

      As told to Anna Shurochkina (real name of the singer Nyusha. – Approx. “StarHit”), she never flaunted their relationship with the Creed, because at the time the contractor was doing only first steps in her musical career, and relationship with the performer, whose name is familiar to millions, could cause a wave of criticism and condemnation of fans. But Greg thinks that the family of his former lover prevented their love.

      “But if my family and doubted the sincerity of his relationship to me, that too is perfectly understandable situation. On that they and relatives to protect and wish for the best. I believe that the reason our flow was turned inside out and presented in accordance with the views of Yegor”, – clarified Nyusha.

      But as Egor spoke, the reason why they failed to maintain their Union was a financial issue. At that time, when young people met, the creed only began to build his career as a musician. According to him, he didn’t have enough money to pamper his beloved, in a time when lady Gaga was already quite known and popular artist and making lots of money. But the singer denies any Mercantile interests her.

      “And the accusations against relatives and friends, which sounded from the stage and then in interviews, is unacceptable. No cash and nothing to do with it. Neither for my family nor for me, this question was not in the foreground,” recalls lady Gaga in an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

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