Kendall Jenner needs help

Кендалл Дженнер нуждается в помощи

The model, filming a reality show and family intrigue utterly exhausted model Kendall Jenner. The girl mentally so exhausted that she urgently needs the help of specialists. On this edition of In Touch reported sources close to the model.

The twenty girls more often had fits of “paralyzing fear” and panic attacks, and anxiety and does become permanent.
“Kendall has long suffered from insomnia and panic attacks. She eats almost nothing, because has no appetite” — said the source. This is the result of a busy work schedule and other loads. How do cherished dream to become an outstanding model and robotopolis not led Jenner to sad results.
According to sources, the doctors are anxious about deep mental state of a young star.
“The doctors warned her that it is urgently necessary to break from work, perhaps to spend some time in a rehabilitation center to take control of their problems. But Kendall still refuses to do so. All are worried for her. She needs help!” said the insider.
Friends Kendall believe that the girl has not coped with the transformations of his own family, and working here at anything – on the contrary, in the model at least a little distracted and can forget not only about my parents ‘ divorce, but that her father had a sex change.

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