Чулпан Хаматова стала блондинкой

Chulpan Khamatova

43-year-old theater and film actress Chulpan Khamatova is often necessary to change hairstyles for their roles. Yesterday, the star surprised fans with new beauty-transformation — star published in Instagram a selfie, which appeared in the form of the blonde.

The need for production changes color!— she signed the picture.

Чулпан Хаматова стала блондинкой

In less than a day the post has gained over 16 thousand likes, and the comments sparked the whole discussion. Some followers decided that the actress now looks 20 years younger and a light shade to her very face:

Such a cutie, the beauty does not spoil! Wonderful, fresh, spring look.

I remember you as a blonde at the film “children of the Arbat” You were irresistible, the most beautiful of the blondes!

Stylish, fashionable, youth. You very well.

Чулпан Хаматова стала блондинкой

However, some subscribers Chulpan asked her to return to the old color:

Of course, dark is better.

No, no! Before was better, after repaint.

Apparently, Khamatova changed her image for the filming of the movie “Dr. Lisa” Director Oksana Karas. The film will tell about the head of the Fund “Fair aid” Elizabeth Glinka, who died in a plane crash in 2016.

Liza Glinka — the hero of time. The film tells about one day when Lisa turns to the father of the sick girl, she agrees to help. We want Chulpan Hamatova performed the main role, the actress gave her consent. In addition to the unconditional resemblance, she was familiar with Glinka

— quoted by TASS.

Чулпан Хаматова стала блондинкой Elizaveta Glinka

About the film Director, announced the Ministry of culture for the protection of projects in the field of feature films applying for grants from the Federal budget. She said that he wanted to make a film monument. In her opinion, the main thing is not just to tell an entertaining story, but also to remind us that we are all equal before the suffering, and one day each of us may need help.

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