Christian Slater was nearly killed at the hands of the father

Кристиан Слэйтер едва не погиб от рук отца

Actor Christian Slater does not need to be a doctor to know that his father is manic – depressive schizophrenia. About this celebrity has told his own mother that many years ago that almost killed.

Michael Hawkins in the distant 1972, repeatedly attempted to kill his pregnant wife, and once he almost succeeded – the man pushed his wife, which was already impressive at the time, under cars on a busy highway. Only by a miracle she and her baby are alive, and Michael was taken to a psychiatric clinic to Belview in a straitjacket, and there in special he establishment of an accurate diagnosis.
In one interview, Slater told about this story and announced the diagnosis of his father. Not a week had passed and as the father gave the son to court. Since 1988 Michael, who, like his son, was an actor, not worked due to mental problems.
Hearing himself, he decided to capitalize on his son and filed for him in court, claiming that he has defamed him and ruined his career. But Christian filed a counterclaim. The actor claims that Michael once he voiced his diagnosis. In particular, the man has provided numerous letters and postcards that he received from his father, who was on treatment in psychiatric hospital. In an address to the son he mentioned that he was sick and that he cannot live without his support.


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