Miguel condemned by Yegor Druzhinin kind of trick on the show “battle of the seasons”

Мигель осудил Егора Дружинина за выходку на шоу «Битва сезонов» Last week fans were surprised by the behavior of Yegor Druzhinin, who retired from the concert along with members of his team, citing the unfair results of the audience poll. Miguel has commented the situation in this broadcast.

      Мигель осудил Егора Дружинина за выходку на шоу «Битва сезонов»

      The coach of the second team project Miguel believes that the behavior of Yegor Druzhinin in the last program of “battle of the seasons” not that other, as “a farce”. Many fans are not seriously troubled after the choreographer demonstratively left the hall since the last concert. This reaction Druzhinina led to the decision of the audience that Dmitry Maslennikov should leave the project. Egor said that the number of voters often depends on how popular social networks the participant.

      Colleague Druzhinin, Miguel is also sometimes disagree with the decision of the audience, but, nevertheless, condemned his partner for such things.

      “What is happening now, I can’t comment, but I know for sure that having lost Alice, I did not allow myself such actions. I have accepted the rules of this show and took them always. The exception was made only two cases: Savchenko and Kryukov in the first season and Stew in the second. And the latter case the question why my opponent did not put on this unreal character, revealing all his potential. Why only after he visited me in the team for him come from? Why would a dancer as Klevakin Oleg, now flourishes as Savchenko? What I said about Dima, it’s true. And if I didn’t say that, this decision would not be. The proof is the choice of the finalists of the second season. Then he took him to the finals, and now ready to leave the show for him? It’s just a farce!”, – his teacher had written on the page in their social networks.

      In turn, Miguel is not going to leave this project, his team is preparing for the next concert, and the member of the jury, no matter what, thanked the audience for their active participation in the vote, as without him the show wouldn’t exist.

      “This project is for you, the audience. Without you we are nothing. Thank you for being with us, and the winner, it’s yours. Love, hate, anything,” said the choreographer.

      Guide TNT has announced that the next broadcast of the program “battle of the seasons”, April 23, will be held. Director of TV channel TNT Igor Mishin has told that we managed to find a solution, agreeing with Egor Druzhinin.

      “We came to a compromise. The decision was made – the show will go on. The program will be broadcast, as usual, on Saturday at 19:30. Introduces new rules. According to the results of the voting will determine the three nominees for elimination. The final decision to leave the project, will be made by the mentors in a live broadcast. The “star” judge Sergei Svetlakova will return the right to vest the nominees for the departure immunity, thereby keeping the participant in the show. As a result of intensification of relations will increase the dramaturgy of the project, and participants will have a complete motivation to prove themselves on stage with the best side”, – said the Director.

      In turn, the choreographer urged the audience to vote more actively and not to turn “battle of the seasons” in a battle of the fanclubs.

      “No one belittles the audience voting! On the contrary – we want the audience to vote for more and more. I resent not the fact that you decided to kick someone from the dancers, and the fact that this participant did not vote in sufficient numbers his fans,” said Druzhinin on the air “Autoradio”.

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