Christian Louboutin has dedicated a new handbag to the people of Africa

Кристиан Лубутен посвятил новую сумку народу Африки

The famous shoemaker has released a new model of bags together with the charity Fund of La Maison Rose.

The range brand Christian Louboutin has replenished with a bright bag in ethnic style called Africaba. Accessory was the result of collaboration between a fashion brand and charity La Maison Rose, helps women of Senegal. The founder of the Foundation is Valerie Schlumberger, the mother of actress Lea seydoux.

On the creation of bags the master Christian Louboutin, as well as African artisans, attracted by the charity. As a result of joint creativity came to light spectacular accessory that reflects the style of West Africa. Bag, made in rich colors, decorated with expressive graphic designs, traditional embroidery of colored beads and a landmark for Christian Louboutin spikes. Each instance of the bags is unique, because handmade.

“Long have I admired the depth of colour and graphic motifs that use African artists. Art and crafts in Africa is often linked to the processing of waste and old unnecessary things: artists, children instinctively know how to use trash to create something new. You could say it’s natural understanding of ecology, an attempt to rethink the reuse of things that have been phased out,” said Christian Louboutin.

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