Chris Martin brought his son on stage in honor of his birthday

Крис Мартин вывел сына на сцену в честь его дня рождения

Have fun, if you’re a rock star! Gwyneth Paltrow has published on his page in social network Instagram video of her ten-year-old son Moses with thunderous applause calls on stage his father Chris Martin during a very successful (judging by the number of seats) of the concert of Coldplay, musician which he is.

“When your dad congratulates you with a decade on the job” — signed video Gwyneth.

Recall that your so-called “gentle divorce” Paltrow and Martin finished last month, but despite this, they remain beautiful and very intimate relationship. An example of this was the recent holiday Gwyneth and her children Apple and Moses to Peru, where they were joined by Chris.

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