Крис Кельми помирился с женой The star of the 90s glad I don’t have time to get a divorce. Chris kelmi over 31 years, and lives with his wife Ludmila. However, in mid-June, the actor admitted that does not feel full family, but because he wants to free himself from the marriage.

      Крис Кельми помирился с женой

      The news that the star of the 90s Chris kelmi decided to divorce his wife Lyudmila, spread around the Internet in mid-June. According to 61-year-old musician, the initiator of the gap became his wife Lyudmila. After 31 years of marriage they decided to separate and to exchange apartment on Smolensky Boulevard. Chris kelmi is divorcing his wife and divides the apartment

      However, after almost three months, Chris decided to complete family life, which lasted three decades. Apparently, the couple managed to find common ground and to restore the relationship.

      “Our divorce – in the past, we make up. Decided not to change the apartment and leave it as it is. We live together 31 year, so there is no sense that a change now. A statement filed in the fight,” admitted the musician.

      The star of the ‘ 90s admitted that he has a difficult relationship with his son – 27-year-old Christian. According to men, they almost do not communicate – all attempts to establish contact with the child were unsuccessful. Despite the difficult relationship, Chris could not deprive his heir and gave him an apartment in the center of Moscow. The musician helped the young man and with the arrangement – gave money for repairs.

      Apparently, now in the family of the performer of the hit “Night rendezvous” sense. Not so long ago the actor admitted to “StarHit” I’m done with addiction – addiction to alcohol. Now he is ready for a new life.

      “After a five-month rehabilitation course after a few experienced strokes, thank God, restored to health. The bottle is not touching. In the Park near the house opened a sports centre, go there 5 days a week – exercising in the gym, visit the sauna, play soccer and tennis,” said about his new way of life 61-year-old Kelme.

      The artist are satisfied with life in a country house. The company he is 17 cats that do not interfere with the artist to create. In the cottage he equipped the Studio to record new songs.

      The reason for parting with his wife, which the musician said earlier, call the usual family quarrel.

      “Understand, when people lived so many years together, their life can’t be smooth”, – frankly said the artist edition Life.ru.