Girl with an unusual appearance to conquer the fashion world

Девушки с нестандартной внешностью покоряют мир моды Perseverance helped them to achieve their goals and reach the podium. Despite the fact that they do not have classical parameters of models, they have found their place in modeling. As it turned out, the growth and volumes – is not important in their work.

      Девушки с нестандартной внешностью покоряют мир моды

      September 9 is international beauty day. The classical parameters considered to be 90 – 60 -90. But as it turned out, they are not always relevant. “StarHit” found the most unusual models.



      When 18 years ago in Ufa, the light appeared, Sasha, the doctors suggested my mom to give up the girl. But Natalia Urvantseva takes the baby home.

      “A year before the birth of Sasha, I watched a documentary about the lives of people with down syndrome in America,” says the woman “StarHit”. Is there to say that they cannot be called vegetables that can not do anything, because they live a full, develop, communicate with the world. When Sasha was born as she is, I listened to the heart, not the doctors.”

      Alexander has endured many operations. In 2013, during the regular rehabilitation, the girl fell in love with the show Tyra banks “Top model-American”. And kept saying that he wanted on the podium.

      Девушки с нестандартной внешностью покоряют мир моды“I promised my daughter that when she gets on his feet, you can try yourself as a model, did it, only that it quickly started to go,” says Natalia.

      My mother’s motivation worked, and Sasha went. A few months model Agency “Premiere” was invited to the free classes of children with disabilities and their parents. Took advantage of this chance one of Alexander.

      “We started to go there, no exceptions daughter did, the only thing allowed to sit more often – my legs hurt – says Natalya. – Agency children learn defile, choreography, acting, shaping, photo posing, make-up, style and etiquette. Soon on the first shot the photographer praised the daughter said, the camera loves her”.

      And in the spring of 2014, she came to the podium. Later won the regional competition of beauty “crystal crown of Ural”. A year ago I fulfilled another dream – Sasha wanted to get on the show high fashion. Local TV channel “All Ufa” and the charity Fund “Markhamat” in October 2015 was sent to Alexander to Moscow for the show of Slava Zaitsev. There she felt like a real star – the designer spoke with her, praised the work. Believing in myself, Sasha decided to move on – to become an actress. Her mother took her to the Studio of Konstantin Khabensky. The fall will premiere with Alexandra – she will play in the production based on the novel by Richard Bach “Seagull Jonathan Livingston”. Exactly as in the small view, once started the Hollywood career of British actor with down syndrome, 23-year-old max Lewis. Sasha believes that she will succeed, and the dreams that Knightley will also be at the premiere.



      Девушки с нестандартной внешностью покоряют мир моды

      People ask me: “are You a midget or a dwarf?” I reply “No, not even Thumbelina. Just a small man” – says about themselves 34-year-old Tasha Mayakovskaya. The growth of girls of all of 86.2 cm, weight 20 kg. In March, the Russian Book of records recognized it as the least model of the country.

      “In 7 years, I realized that special – says Mayakovsky. – My mom came to sign me in the first grade, the teacher suggested studying at home, in order to avoid persecution. But in my house everyone loved, and because large complexes about the appearance I didn’t feel it”.

      The grandmother from childhood called Tasha the restless.

      “Already at the age of 17 I started to earn traded on the house,” says the model. – Wrote poetry, short stories, participated in festivals, and was Chairman of the organization of persons with disabilities. In the district I was the star, wrote about me in the papers, even made a documentary. Problems with personal life was not – at 24, I married a guy from our village. He is a driver, high, and prominent. But five years later we divorced, my wife was satisfied, and I wanted to live in a big city”.
      Девушки с нестандартной внешностью покоряют мир моды

      Arriving in the capital in 2010, Tasha graduated from the courses of psychology and coaching and start to promote their services in social networks. Somehow Amateur pictures of Tasha saw a girl photographer and was invited to shoot in the Studio.

      “I have not yet become the face of a brand and a model, essential money doesn’t bring to me, but I’m always happy to respond to all the suggestions – I like the creative process itself. The main thing in life is to learn to love yourself. When I realized this, I became happier and everything started to turn”.


      Девушки с нестандартной внешностью покоряют мир моды

      Until 2007 Dorokhova Irina from Tomsk and worked as an accountant, she has a son and did not plan to change anything… But on 7 July, she was in a car accident, spent 10 months in intensive care. Diagnosis of traumatic disease of the spinal cord.

      “You need to look beautiful, even while in a wheelchair, – Irina admits. – In 2011, decided to hold a competition “Special fashion” – designers have created a collection of clothes for the disabled. There was a problem – search models. On the show they felt awkward, and so was born the idea of creating school models.”

      In the first session Irina was among the students. “The training is free. In the group of 30 people, – says Irina. – 80% of students with disabilities. Not only wheelchair users, but also with diagnoses of autism, cerebral palsy. Classes run from March to October. Someone of the students after graduation could get a job, someone created a family.”

      Now Dorokhova and her models out on the catwalks of Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Moscow, participated in the international contest “couture Without borders”. In an average show, each model gets about 2000 rubles. Not taking the money only Irina.

      “A matter of principle. More important than the process itself, ” she explains. Now I’m totally happy. I have a wonderful son. With my personal life, well – 8 years ago in the hospital met a man. I was there for rehab, and he visited mom. Now he helps me for work because in Russia the concept of “accessible environment for disabled people is such only on paper, and if you come to the meeting, and there is no Elevator, who can help the girl? Only a strong man”.