Беременная Пелагея поддержала мужа на льду

The singer expecting their first baby, sang the national anthem before the match players of national teams of Russia and Czech Republic.

Singer long concealed the details of his personal life. In late summer, the star, expecting their first baby, even refused to participate in all television and most of the time was at camp with her husband, hockey player Ivan by Telegony. But still appeared in public.

The star decided to support her husband before the match against the Czech Republic. But unlike other wives of the players just watched from the boxes, and played on the ice the anthem of Russia.

And although the husband enjoyed singing favorite from the bench, the fans was sincerely touched by the action star.

“She has the best voice in the world”, “Here is the wife, that’s real support,” the admired fans in social networks.

The star appeared on the ice in a very feminine lace dress. But, despite the large number of frills and all sorts of decor, the attire did not hide the interesting position of Pelagia. And now we know for sure: in a few months, the favorite of millions of viewers to become a mom.

Undoubtedly, the artist was able to raise the Patriotic spirit of athletes, which eventually gave its fullest. The fight at the ice arena in St. Petersburg ended with the victory of the Russian team with the score 4:3.

Recall that Pelagia was the lawful wife of 24-year-old hockey player of Russian national team Ivan Telegin June 16. The wedding was held in the strictest confidence, and shortly after that there were rumors about pregnancy of the actress.

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