Chris brown spoke about relations with Rihanna

Крис Браун рассказал об отношениях с Рианной

Already seven years have passed since that terrible day which changed the life of American artist Chris brown. Then, in 2009, he beat up his beloved singer Rihanna and went downhill. In a documentary about yourself “Welcome to my life,” Chris told about his feelings, which haunt him still. The teaser is very emotional.

Крис Браун рассказал об отношениях с Рианной
“I was on top, my song took first in the rankings, I loved public” — began to tell me about yourself Chris. On the eve of the Grammy Awards ceremony, as we already know, brown beat Rihanna. It all started due to the fact that the singer was found in her boyfriend telephone his correspondence with a former lover. Chris was driving, but this did not prevent him to start beating his girlfriend, who was sitting in the passenger seat.
The singer scored her assistant, but she didn’t answer, and then Ri-Ri left her a voice message that asked me to call the police to her house.

Крис Браун рассказал об отношениях с Рианной
Brown shouted that it was “the biggest mistake in her life” and began to furiously beat her, saying that “now he must kill her.” Chris beat her fists in the face, the legs, the body. The singer’s blood spattered car upholstery and clothes. But this seemed insufficient to the famous psycho — he stopped the car and tried to choke Rihanna, but then she intensified the instinct of preservation, and she tried to push him off the machine. The cries for help came people, and brown had to run away from the crime scene. The witnesses called the police and an ambulance.

Rihanna wrote a letter to Chris, he publicly apologized to her, had a year-long course of psychotherapy and have worked in public works 1400 hours.
“I feel like a monster, thought of suicide. I could not sleep, could not eat, I did not enjoy” told about his health brown.
“It was the worst period in my life. I felt that they might lose their child at any time” — said about his mother a singer.

But over the years, Chris is sure, that it not break.
“If you ever had an idea that with Chris brown gone, I wouldn’t rely on it” — optimistically said brown in the final seconds of their teaser. In addition to Chris and his mother, in the documentary you will see the type of performers Jennifer Lopez and usher, who are to praise the musical talent of Chris. Sorry, we don’t hear it in Rihanna, she would have told me a lot about the strength of his kick left.

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