Katie Holmes debuted in directing

Кэти Холмс дебютировала в режиссуре

Recently Katie Holmes are rarely seen on the big screen. The actress is completely dedicated to his daughter. But sometimes Katie still finds time to participate in new projects, however, it is not removed, and directs.

Holmes made his debut as a Director. His first film, ex-wife of Tom cruise was presented at the annual Tribeca film festival, which takes place in new York.

The debut film of Katie, where she performs in a new role, called “Everything we had”.

The screenplay based on the novel by Annie Weatherwax and tells the story of a single mother with a teenage daughter is on the verge of poverty after the financial crisis of 2008.

The constant change of work, place of residence and the environment becomes for women and girls is a serious challenge. But major changes begin after a mother and her daughter moved to a small rural town, where the heroine finds a job at a local diner and meets a mysterious man named Vic.

By the way, the main role in the film performed well as Katie.

The audience’s reaction to the creation of Holmes so far unknown.

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