Chosen the most revealing outfit, Victoria’s Secret

Выбран самый откровенный наряд шоу Victoria's Secret

The owner of the obscene “naked” set of clothes turned out to be Gigi Hadid.

Hardly anyone can stay away from the discussion of the main fashion events of the last month – a fabulous fashion show Victoria’s Secret 2016. We already spoke about the details of the show and selected the hottest trends. On stage – the most revealing outfits from the catwalk.

There were no surprises: the most forthright manner show was recognized as the sensual image of Gigi Hadid. During one of her exits on the supermodels was the beautiful black lingerie set consisting of sheer lace bra, barely covering the chest, shorts and numerous straps and ribbons as well as huge black wings.

“Fallen angel”, which had a chance to play Gigi, not at all troubled by the fact that the whole world could easily see his bare chest. In addition, the suit Hadid was not too strong: during the fashion show the girl broke one of the thin straps. Fortunately, neither the outfit nor the show from that insignificant fact did not hurt.

In General, this year’s winners of the Victoria’s Secret became both sisters Hadid. One surprised the audience with its thinness and choice too indecent attire. The other did not hesitate to go to the podium in almost very candid underwear in the history of the show!

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