Избранник Яны Поплавской готовит ей незабываемый медовый месяц Today the famous actress turns 50. According to the groom Poplavskaya, Evgeny Yakovlev, he does not feel the age difference, and a meeting with her calls a godsend. Soon they plan to formalize the relationship.
Избранник Яны Поплавской готовит ей незабываемый медовый месяц

Yana Poplavskaya and radio host Evgeny Yakovlev happy together for almost two years. Before the start of their affair the man and woman were familiar 11 years. However, both were married at the time. As the man told, from his first marriage he brings up five year old daughter. The girl lives with her father, he only occasionally takes her for the weekend. Yakovlev said that they settled in the apartment Poplavskaya.

“Yana’s elder son lives separately with his family. And Junior Nikita with us,” says elect star.
Избранник Яны Поплавской готовит ей незабываемый медовый месяц

While the couple is in no hurry to get married, although both say they are ready to take this step. Poplavskaya told reporters that both of them are already familiar with the concept of “family life”. The star of the film “About little Red riding Hood” received an offer of marriage from Eugene five times, but has not yet went away. Yana Poplavskaya doesn’t want to marry a young chosen one

“I am for marriage registration. And Yana too. We are planning a beautiful wedding celebration, you just have to do. But that resolved the issue. And honeymoon too. I love to make surprises,” shared Yakovlev in an interview.

The man left a touching congratulation for the darling on the page in a social network.

Избранник Яны Поплавской готовит ей незабываемый медовый месяц“Today is the birthday of my beloved woman – that woman to the bone, in any situation, intelligent, gentle, loving, most beautiful. The one which is admired by not only me but millions of others. The one that saves hundreds of children’s and adults lives, helps his friends, constantly working, but always finds time for family. Want her in my life all was perfect,” said the journalist.

According to Eugene, they Yana have thought about how to have a baby. Familiar Poplavskaya claim that the appearance of Yakovlev was strongly influenced by a celebrity.

“Ian came out of those relationships, I think, with great psychological damage. And in the new it feels like a woman and can afford to be capricious, to be weak. Her feelings for Eugene are a great value. He is a very strong and confident man. The solution takes over. He even takes care of Jan! At first glance, this may seem strange – he’s younger than her. But in the age of”, – told the journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” her friend, anetta Orlova.

Recall that Yana Poplavskaya was married with Director Sergey Ginzburg 25 years. Their Alliance fell apart because of infidelity of a spouse. For a long time the woman could not start a new relationship, because they were afraid that the situation will repeat.