Ляйсан Утяшева показала лицо сына Star made a video with the participation of an heir to the microblog. Before that Laysan utiasheva and Paul Will not share with the fans of such records. The video was made at the birthday champion.
Ляйсан Утяшева показала лицо сына

Today, June 28, honored master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics Laysan utiasheva celebrates 32 anniversary. Celebrity spends a great day in the company of the most close and native. Of course, the festival in honor of the beautiful was present, and her husband Paul Will. The young woman filmed a video for social media on the memory.

In the video, which the birthday girl shared with subscribers of “Instagram”, also hit the son of the star couple Robert. And here is little Sophia in the frame is not visible – perhaps the girl was sleeping at the time. It is worth noting that the boy was affectionately called Utiasheva: “Mommy!” To this famous gymnast showed followers the face of the heir so close.

Ляйсан Утяшева показала лицо сына

Celebration celebrity was held outdoors, in a spacious white tent, decorated with large balloons Golden brown. The edges of the hall were tables with snacks and desserts. The main sweet dish on this day was a big cake decorated with macaroons and a figure of the birthday girl. On top of white chocolate was written “happy birthday, Rosie!” Interestingly, the brunette asked not to cut the statue and keep it in memory.

Later, in the company of her husband, utiasheva went to an art gallery. Private tour guide provided detailed information spouses with a history of creating works. The athlete simply commented on the events: “Who else celebrates his birthday, and I like that.” Apparently, the lovers have decided to celebrate the joyous date outside the box, combining the pleasant with the useful.

“Mom you today crying all day! Very sentimental today! Rob, we love you very much. Health to you and be happy,” wrote utiasheva.

Interestingly, not all family holidays relatives celebrate in a narrow circle. Recently the heir of celebrities was four years old. The boy was partying with friends at a party organized by Rosie. A young mother admitted that he was happy to see the children smiles and joy on the face of the son. She also noted that he could not restrain emotions when thinking about the holiday.