Избранник олимпийской чемпионки Алии Мустафиной: «Она хочет детей» Beloved gymnasts shared their touching relationship. Aliya Mustafina won the bronze medal at the Olympic games in Rio in the individual championship. Her boyfriend, bobsledder Alexei Zaitsev, told about the lives of famous athletes.

      At the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Russian gymnast Aliya Mustaine made a splash. In the individual championship she won the bronze. However, it cost her a lot of effort. Admitted as senior coach of Russia Valentina Rodionenko, Aliya was a back injury, but because 21-year-old girl had to overcome the pain, to brilliantly execute all exercises. For Mustafina was sick the whole country, but most of all was worried about her partner, bobsledder Alexey Zaitsev. Young athletes met last fall. Despite the fact that the couple has been together less than a year, they build serious plans for the future together.

      “Thinking about the wedding, only a little later. Both agree that don’t want a big event and a lot of attention. And Aliya more than anything else now wants kids. Oh, I hope I have that secret no one suffocate, back from Rio!” admitted beloved gymnast.

      Despite the fact that due to the different schedule of training sessions, athletes can’t give each other enough attention, but they still remain in touch, despite the distance. Aliya lives in Moscow, and Alexey – in Krasnodar. But their sports facilities in the capital are very close in 40 minutes, so all the free time they spend together. Now, however, birds could not fly to the beloved in Brazil, and therefore finds other ways to encourage aliyah.

      “At competitions it my phone does not take, and I told her it’s time to write your kind words of support and praise. Clearly, she can not read, but says he feels my support every second. Only now I realized how hard it is to worry about a loved one on the big competitions,” – said the athlete.

      Love gymnasts inspired sportsman creativity – he began to compose poems about their tender feelings and devote their aliyah. Young athletes trying to make each other romantic surprises. Due to the fact that the lovers spend the lion’s share of his time to training, the greatest gift for each other becomes time spent together.

      “For example, tell aliyah that I have urgent business and training, and the incognito flew to her base to make her a surprise. Once I got my own weapon and came to the collection in Moscow, aliyah was a training day, and I knew about it. But for me it was in such a hurry that combined two workouts into one, just to get meet me at the airport! I did not expect this and was very moved,” recalled Alex in an interview with Woman’s Day.

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