Экс-защитник «Локомотива» разводится с женой, которую жестоко избивал The player believes wife Tatyana a drug addict and threatens to take the kids. The woman claims that this is slander, it does not use any prohibited substances. The athlete wants after a divorce son and daughter left to live with him.

      Экс-защитник «Локомотива» разводится с женой, которую жестоко избивал

      The conflict between the former midfielder “Locomotive” and “Anji” Oleksandr Aliyev and his spouse Tatiana continues to gain momentum. The husband and wife are waiting for the court to divorce them. The meeting is scheduled for Friday. Tatiana says that Alexander wants to pick up the kids, and accuses her that she is using drugs and does not engage the son and daughter.

      “I never took drugs, and ready to pass any tests and examination that can confirm this,” the woman declared to the Ukrainian journalists. Earlier, according to Tatiana, Alexander tried to pay the law enforcement officers that they have given her drugs and later started her criminal case.

      Footballer’s wife awaits trial, so tired of living in fear. Tatiana and the children, six-year-old Alina and five year old Tom, afraid of his father. A few months ago, Aliyev was beaten by the youngest child, and daughter said she found another mother.

      The former defender of “Locomotive” has beaten four year old son

      “I faithfully take care of children because to hire a nanny is not the financial ability, collect daughter to school. I’m ready to go to work, but who will leave the five-year six-year Artem and Alina, who has been dancing? Anyone of my friends can tell you how much time I spend with children. Sasha no part in the upbringing of children does not accept – neither moral nor material. Only threatening to take them, but you can see that he doesn’t need them!” – said Tatiana.

      According to the wife of athlete, Alexander found himself a rich woman with three children whom he educates. Tatiana believes that Aliyev spun such a novel in order to thanks to the money new companion to cover all your debts, which have accumulated a lot. In the moment the athlete is on the team of the Kazakhstan club “Taraz”. The football player’s contract with FC ends in the winter.

      For his part, Aliyev said that Tatiana defamed his name and reputation, accusing him of slander and telling journalists about conflicts in their family. He denies his wife’s words that does not communicate with the heirs.

      “Children, I attention, including financial. As a father may not help his own children? As for my personal life, it’s nobody’s business. I do not understand, why write about it in the press, to publish posts on social networks. I’m not a clown, to publicly clarify. People just can’t peacefully get a divorce, and wants PR”, – commented Alexander, communicating with the publication kp.ua.

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