Хлоя Морец встречается с девушкой?

The news that Chloe Moretz is Dating a girl stirred up the public, because recently everyone is discussing the relationship of the actress with the son of David and Victoria Beckham Brooklyn! It looks like she is so disappointed in men (after her Brooklyn went through girls like a glove), I decided to move on to relationships with girls.

In the network appeared the photo of Chloe on a date with a girl. They had a nice kiss and behaved very friendly. The girl was model Kate Harrison. She worked for such renowned companies as Ralph Lauren and Playboy and cooperates MiLK Model Management.

Wondering whether Chloe Brooklyn? In an episode of Andy Cohen’s “Watch what happened live” the presenter asked quite a few questions about the personal life of the star of the movie “Dark shadows” and “the 5th wave”, to which the star replied.

The network has already appeared the comments of insiders that Chloe feels not good, because Brooklyn is now changing girls like a glove. The star herself says: “With me everything is OK. Am I the only one. I’m 21, I’m alone and all is well.” She repeated it more than once during the broadcast. After relationship with Brooklyn that happened very suddenly, Chloe was not discouraged and plunged into work. It helped her deal with the breakup and once again begin to enjoy life. Now Moretz is loving every minute of it.

The presenter also asked the actress whether to keep some kind of relationship between her and Brooklyn. The detailed response from the actress, he didn’t wait. She only said that with the former friendly relations. Strange, because evidence of friendly hanging out or communicating between the stars is still there.

But early Moretz said in an interview for the Australian magazine about lifestyle Stellar about the difficult time after a breakup with a loved one in September 2016. “I will not hide that I was having a really hard year,” say movie star “Neighbors. On the trail of war 2”. “I grew up, being popular, and my breakup was made public. I wanted to hide.”

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