The Cut назвали свадьбу Ника Джонаса и Приянки Чопры фальшивой и тут же извинись

Web site the Cut, which is popular in the Internet, has enraged the family of Jonas because of his recent statements! Journalist Mariah Smith wrote and published an article with the title: “And really love nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra real?” What was your reaction the stars and made the portal?

The article began with this statement: “Nicholas Jonas entered into a fake relationship against his will last Saturday the first of December, and I’ll tell you why I think so”. Nasty start, but that’s not all. The journalist really wrote my thoughts about false relations, told love Priyanka to luxurious and expensive things, and what this says about her character. Mariah called the actress “a global fraud” that could not Buriti readers.

The editors of the portal received thousands of angry messages, and to protect the newlyweds stood relatives and friends. Brother nick Joe Jonas opined on the situation: “It’s disgusting. The Cut should be ashamed that they paid somebody to write such evil words. What is with nick and When, this is the perfect love. Thank you, next.” Also on Twitter believed and beloved Joe, Sophie Turner “Is wildly inappropriate and absolutely disgusting. Very disappointed that The Cut gives you a platform to write such nonsense.”

In the end, The Cut removed the article and put a message of apology: “last night, The Cut posted a message about the relationship of nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, which should not have been. We received dozens of messages from readers expressing their anger. We want you to know we hear you and sorry about that. We crossed the border. There is no explanation except human error and lack of foresight. It was a mistake and we apologize to readers and Priyanka and Nick”.

Recall that the wedding of nick and Priyanka did not last one day and passed on the traditions of the two religions. Christian ceremony in the Umaid Bhawan in India, where there were only relatives and friends of the couple. By the way, she held nick’s dad Kevin Jonas.

Wedding dress Priyanka from Ralph Lauren. The bride’s attire were beaded by hand, and veil Chopra was as much as 22 meters! On the last day Nick and Priyanka held a reception in the Palace of the Taj for entrepreneurs and politicians. There the couple and the guests were again in the Indian outfits.

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