Дети предложили Питту и Джоли развестись

The tight schedule brad pitt allows him sometimes to communicate with your fans and tell about what is happening in his family.

On his official page in Facebook star of the film “Interview with the vampire” was very outspoken and even spoke about how his own children suggested they ” get a divorce.

It happened after a serious conflict, which Angelina has been in tears all day. the children saw how hard they were to overcome that challenge, because proposed them to divorce, not to torment each other.

Wise Angie explained to the children that the divorce is the easy solution much more difficult to understand the situation and save the family: “your father swore to each other to be together in joy and in sorrow. This is grief,” explained Angelina.

Pitt noted that all misunderstandings and conflicts are forgotten and they are happy as if nothing had happened.

But it was not the only awkward question kids couple. Brad admits that one day, they asked him a question about why they even got married. If it was a decision in a situation of despair, when the pair tried to play it safe, because I doubted love each other.

Brad wrote that this issue is so excited about it that he can’t sleep all night. It was then pitt realized that marriage is not only love, but also conflicts, disputes, anger, frustration and even hatred. And that family ties do not allow people to leave just because of the fact that they misunderstood each other.


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