Настасья Самбурская распродает одежду ради стерилизации животных

We offer you a little distracted from the topic that Nastasya Samburski was somehow involved in the split of a family of Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov, and talk about the positive side of this actress.

The latest publication in his Instagram nastasi makes you look at it in new ways. Here’s why: Samburski decided to help our younger brothers and to sacrifice part of my wardrobe to bottomless animals sterilized, thereby to alleviate the plight of kittens and puppies that could be born in the case of uncontrolled reproduction.

Настасья Самбурская распродает одежду ради стерилизации животных

“The problem with cats is bugging me. In high school I read a poster campaign inscription, which is engraved in my memory Not to like? Object. Mind? Offer. Offer? Do it!” So, I went through the closet, gathered a bunch of Shoe 39 size, some big, 40 can come and clothing from 42 to 46 size, which I’m not going to wear, but it is decent quality and something I never even wore. In the near future I will remove the angle in any show-room at a nominal cost you can buy what you may like. All proceeds will go towards the sterilization and treatment of stray animals. And then look to gab much,” wrote ” in comments to the publication, which shows a huge number of her shoes.

Fans initiative nastasi liked it and they admitted that they happily bought a few things, especially for a good cause.




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