Дети Валерии впервые заговорили о насилии отца The heirs of the singer remember in which fear their childhood. Anna and Artem were first described how they were beaten by Alexander Shulgin. The youngest son of pop stars Arseniy less other found the cruelty of his father. Valeria gave birth to a boy in secret from her husband. The singer was often sent children to their parents to rescue them.

      Дети Валерии впервые заговорили о насилии отца

      For the first time in many years, children of singer Valeriya told about how hard life was with his father Alexander Shulgin. Pop star for a long time remained silent about how was her life with her first husband. Anna and Artem lived in fear, because his father repeatedly beat them. For the first time the heirs of the stars spoke about how Shulgin scoffed at them and threatened them.

      “I was very afraid, all that I felt all my childhood is wild with fear” – told Anna in the program “You wouldn’t believe.”
      Дети Валерии впервые заговорили о насилии отца

      The girl never knew what to expect from his father. She didn’t know whether to stop the father in his aggression. Alexander raised his hand for the first time on Valerie, when Anne was only three months old. The singer endured all the attacks of the spouse and has forgiven him.

      When my second son was born Artemy pairs, the situation has only worsened. Shulgin is not his favorite person right now little blue-eyed boy from the first day.

      “I turned to him not the breed. He began to raise a hand to me when I was 7 months. I a priori couldn’t do anything to hurt him. In a year I was sent to grandma’s, away from him,” recalls Valerie first son Artemy.
      Дети Валерии впервые заговорили о насилии отца

      According to the heirs, Shulgin was forced to watch horror movies. Anna remembers that he made her eat ice-cream at four o’clock in the morning, why she had allergies. According to Artemis, Shulgin was a vegetarian, therefore, violations of the diet in the family severely punished. The boy gave eat chicken, but said that he eats fish so Papa won’t know.

      Anna recalls that one day she was sick and without brushing my teeth, went to the Pope. This caused an unreasonable tantrum at Shulgin.

      “He threw me out in nocoleche on the street. It was very cold. I stood face-to-gate”, – with bitterness says the singer’s daughter.
      Дети Валерии впервые заговорили о насилии отца

      Second son Artemy periodically rocked in the car that didn’t like his father. One day the boy threw up when they went to the restaurant. “He takes a Theme by the scruff and almost on the head gives. We turned the car back on, and the child was thrown in a cage for the dog,” says Anna, even without mentioning Shulgin’s father.

      The third son Arseny Valerie was born in secret from his father. Valeria recalls that reported the appearance of a third child only a short time. The boy doesn’t remember Alexander Shulgin, therefore it does not have such painful memories of how his brother and sisters.

      “I was more fortunate of all, I don’t have any ill will towards the man, negative. If I somewhere met with him, I would have said Hello” – said Arseny. He sometimes even calls Shulgin dad.

      Valeria lived in fear and when no longer able to bear the cruelty of the wife, filed for divorce from Alexander and went to my parents. Shulgin came even there. Once he even wanted to kidnap his daughter Anna. The girl returned from school and as soon as I saw the silhouette of his father in the hallway, felt the horror. Reaching home, she was very hysterical.

      Salvation for the family of Valerie was her acquaintance with Joseph Prigogine. First, he found favor with the heirs stars good gifts, and then presented them with so much kindness and attention, what they have not met previously. However, the daughter of Valerie and Shulgin did not immediately get used to Joseph and didn’t want mom re-married. According to the girl, she was afraid that once again will start the violence in the family and it will hurt.

      By the way, some time ago, Anna came face to face with Shulgin. The girl confesses that she only looked at him and couldn’t say those words that she once wanted. “We met at the event in one of the fashion weeks. We were a company, he went and looked appreciatively…like a girl some estimates – top to bottom…just look at her daughter with wonder, with tenderness, with fear, but not exactly that look,” said the girl. Anna Shulgina told about the unpleasant meeting with his own father

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