Почему Алексей Воробьев никого не выбрал на шоу «Холостяк» The finale of the new season of the popular program was the most incredible in its history. After the last two visits Alex decided not to offer any of the girls cherished the ring. However, this does not make the latest edition of the project, some tragic.

      Почему Алексей Воробьев никого не выбрал на шоу «Холостяк»

      4 Jun held a screening of the final series of the new season of “the Bachelor” on channel TNT with the participation of the singer and actor Alexei Vorobyov. The final show was unexpected for many viewers, who thought that an artist will find their love on the project. “No more words”, “the Finale, of course… But, on the other hand, Who said that the tale must be with a happy ending”, “I’m in shock”, “Sorry Alex” — they wrote in social networks.

      In the final program for the heart Vorobiev fought only two girls — Natalia and Yana Garaganova Anosov. After the previous series transmission of left Nataliya Tkalina. She later admitted in an interview with “StarHit” that was not disappointed on the occasion of his departure from the project.

      Finalist of “the Bachelor” Nataliya Tkalina: “Alex — not my man, and I’m not his woman”

      Почему Алексей Воробьев никого не выбрал на шоу «Холостяк»

      With the remaining contenders on his heart the singer gave the last decisive date on which asked them to tell him the truth about his feelings. “Damn I hate to hear a lie,” said Alex during the program. As a result of the pressure of Alexei Natalia Garaganova admitted to Alex that she didn’t like it. Earlier, the actor admitted that he doesn’t understand feelings of a girl, doesn’t know if she feels something towards him.

      Participant of “the Bachelor,” Natalia Garaganova: “I Have often in life miracles happen”

      “You’re the man to love. Love isn’t born, it’s created,” said an upset Alex Natalia.
      Почему Алексей Воробьев никого не выбрал на шоу «Холостяк»

      When Ian Anosov picked up the ice, representing the heart of Alex, she began to try to melt. The girl thought that it was a great metaphor, and the artist will appreciate her gift. However, the artist did not like the act of Yana, Alexei was hurt by her perception of it. He said that the ice have to return it in the cold. “Everyone’s heart is different,” — commented on his act, sparrows.

      Participant of “the Bachelor,” Yana on Facebook: “the Other Alex just did not get along”

      In the end, the sparrows could not be determined with their feelings and to decide which of the girls could be his companion. They looked adorable in wedding dresses and took advantage of his choice. Participating in the project left the singer, leaving him alone with his thoughts. Alex remained in splendid isolation, but this does not mean that the finale of “the Bachelor” turned out tragic, and all the previous series and experiences of the girls were in vain. Just the same Vice versa. Love, as shown by a popular program, may not arise by necessity. In order to find your soulmate, sometimes you need some amount of time, and in the other case required an effort. And everyone has their own idea about what needs to be in a serious relationship. If you do not happened with one man, so anything is possible with someone else.

      Interestingly, at the end of the program Natalia Garaganova told about the possible continuation of their relationship with Alex. “I have feelings for him, and I know that the continuation of our relationship will be more,” — said the girl.

      Well, time will tell what will happen with Alex and Natalia in the future, do they continue to communicate. But then they will not be participants in the program, and the finale of “the Bachelor” this does not become less significant. In fact the way it happens in reality — to find the person with whom you want to spend your life, sometimes you want to pass a serious test, and not alone.

      “I didn’t come here to get new emotions and to meet a decent girl, and feel. This project gave me hope and faith that true love exists. To create it with my own hands I did not succeed. If it was possible to do, I would have done,” — said in the end of the show Alex.
      Почему Алексей Воробьев никого не выбрал на шоу «Холостяк»

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