Gleb Samoilov was seriously injured

Глеб Самойлов получил серьезную травму The singer had to seek help from doctors. Despite severe discomfort, the leader of the group The Matrixx Gleb Samoilov has not cancelled the performances in one of the clubs of St. Petersburg. “The concerts were successful in spite of the enemies,” wrote the official on the group page in “Instagram” PR-the Manager of the team Elena Rudakova.

      Well-known musician, former frontman of the band “Agatha Christie” and now the frontman of the band The Matrixx Gleb Samoilov was injured while on tour in St. Petersburg. The damage was so severe that the contractor was forced to seek help from doctors.

      About the incident that happened with Gleb Samoilov, on the official page of the band the Matrixx told the PR-Manager of the band Elena Rudakova. “Ladies and gentlemen! Gleb Samoilov injury – wrote Rudakova. – Because he fainted in the bathroom due to increased pressure, tight schedule and lack of sleep from the road”.

      However, the injury could not bring Gleb Samoilov to abandon a concert in one of the clubs of the Northern capital. Knowing that performance sold out all tickets and it is waited by the fans, dedicated musician came on stage. Of course, the condition of the singer was imperfect, and noticed that visitors to the club, putting forward its not always correct version for this reason. Elena Rudakova appealed to all with a request to stop debate on this subject.

      “The artist has gathered all their forces, came from the hospital to you and gave a gorgeous concert! she said in microblogging. – Sincerely and strongly request to stop discussion on this topic! Gleb Samoilov – hero and truly professional people! We apologize for the hour delay of the concert, we are extremely grateful that we waited for and met. All concerts were successful “to spite of enemies”

      After reading this post, the loyal fans of Gleb Samoilov was seriously worried for the health of your favorite musician. They immediately began to desire him to find time to rest and carefully look after their health.

      Video published Gleb Samoilov & The Matrixx (@thematrixx_official) Jun 3 2016 4:09 PDT

      “Health Hleb, more to rest and gather strength, and everything else will follow,” “Gleb, take care of yourself! Health, strength and patience!”, “We, the Glib, take care of yourself, please!”, “You actually need us and this world. Let yourself to relax on the beach and regain your strength!”, “We still need you alive and healthy! Take care of yourself and your health! We love you!” “This year the group plan on a lot of shows. Maybe we should reduce the number?”, – such comments leave in the microblogging admirers of Gleb Samoilov.

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