Детям Принца Уильяма не хватает заботы Леди Дианы As told to the heir of the British Royal family, he regrets that his mother did not find her grandchildren. According to Prince William, George and Charlotte had heard about the famous grandmother, who died in a car accident in 1997.
Детям Принца Уильяма не хватает заботы Леди Дианы

The British TV channel ITV aired a documentary about the famous “Queen of human hearts,” “Diana, our mother: her life and legacy”, which was attended by princes William and Harry. The eldest son assumed her grandmother would be his mother for children: Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The Duke of Cambridge and his wife Kate are trying to preserve the memory of Princess Diana in every way. In the film, William said that they talk with the kids about grandma, so the kids already know what a kind person she was.

“We have a lot of pictures of her hanging around the house and my wife always talk about her. It is very difficult, because Katherine doesn’t know her and can not tell all the details. So when I put the George and Charlotte in bed, talk about it and remind you that they have two grandmothers. It is important that they knew who she was, that she existed,” shared William in the film.

In the words of the heir of the Royal family, Princess Diana had an aptitude for teaching. Before I met Charles, she worked in kindergarten.

“It would be a nightmare for the grandchildren, just a nightmare” says Prince.

William had quite a few warm memories of childhood. The representative of the Royal family suggested that she would babysit them while swimming and would suit an incredible show with soap bubbles for my grandson and granddaughter.

Prince has repeatedly said that he took many traits from her mother. He tries to give the maximum amount of time the heirs, because he knows that childhood years are crucial in personality formation.

We will remind that this year will mark 10 years since the terrible tragedy. Princess Diana died in a car accident that occurred on 31 August 1997. When women did not, William and Harry were 15 and 13 years old. According to some, the accident was planned. About this media reported a former British intelligence agent. British special agent repented in organizing the car crash with Princess Diana

According to an elderly man at Johns Hopkins, he regrets what he did. According to a former intelligence officer, Diana was considered a serious threat to the British monarchy, so it had to be addressed.