Алсу раскрыла простые секреты красоты и молодости
The singer has denied the rumors about plastic surgery.


Photo: @alsou_a (Instagram Alsu)

Alsou is one of the most beautiful performers of our time and, among other things, it is absolutely deserved. The singer and mother of three children, consistently pleasing fans young and fresh views, and a slender toned figure. Recently, Lil Wayne revealed some secrets to care for themselves.

Alsou says: she is a rare guest in the office of his beautician. Yet to keep youth singer manage on their own. Her main weapon in the fight for beauty is the contrasting washing and… slap. “The improvement is pretty trivial, really! My favorite procedure — first thing in the morning and before going to sleep is a “contrast bath”. And, it is, several times I wash my face with warm and then very cold water (even add ice). Thus, the skin instantly wakes up and comes to the tone! — advises the singer. — A piece of ice you can also move around the eyes to remove morning swelling. For skin tone, using a proven method, his aunt, for one or two minutes clapping palms himself in the face (such a mini slap in the face).

Immediately feel a surge of blood circulation and see a slight redness. Believe me, it is much more efficient than any pricey toning cream. 1-2 times a week I use a facial scrub. This is a very fast and efficient. Skin instantly becomes silky and smoother and much better absorbed moisturizer. In fact, there is absolutely nothing about the firm, they are all about the same! Also sometimes use coffee, candied honey, or sea salt with olive oil — lovely folk remedies!”.

Alsu, by the way, once again denied rumors that she resorted to plastic surgery services. 34-year-old star believes that she is now in the Prime of life and sees no need to do modern procedures to correct deficiencies. “Since when is 34 years old is the age at which you look already so that you need a special, complicated procedure? This is not a deceit! I really think that is still young and, as they say, in the dawn!” — Mrs. Alsou.